Rainbow Kids: High Tech Hawaiian Gameplay Marries Entertainment and Learning

Rainbow KidsReady to meet the challenge of bridging technology, education, and the environment? Jim Langford and his partners Jeremy Bargiel and David Nolte at Lake Place Productions, LLC are prepared to meet the challenge. This start-up company is developing Hawaiian-based educational video game software and mobile phone apps, with a focus on different learning styles and culturally-sensitive, episodic storytelling.

“Our team feels strongly that our latest project, Rainbow Kids, fills a void in children’s learning entertainment in Hawaii,” says Jim Langford, the head of production for the company. “We recognize a unique niche and the potential of creating significant job opportunities in the community.”

Rainbow Kids is a 3-D animated series designed for kids aged 6 to 9 years old. Think: a Hawaiian-themed version of “Sesame Street” that incorporates gameplay, music, and animation in downloadable 8 to 10 minute episodes – a format currently unoccupied by any other standing entertainment.

Rainbow Kids is not only embracing Hawaiian culture, but also delivering a “green”, eco-friendly message conveying the importance of living sustainably within nature. The audience — the kids themselves — can mix and match the episodic components of the apps (the games, music, and animations) to effectively produce their own customized episodes. Each of the games will emphasize a different style of learning: spatial learning, auditory, visual, kinesthetic, or linguistic to suit different learning styles. Children can learn at their own pace and choose the most comfortable style of learning for them.

The project’s designers will gather and collect game/learning choice selection data to use for continuous game improvement. Based on this information, the Lake Place Productions team plans to develop further content to build mobile educational programs that deliver the greatest amount of learning potential.

The episodic model of Rainbow Kids will also incorporate a social function for children (with parental permission) or parents to contact program characters such as the wise and kind grandmother (Kupunahine) character. “She will respond to questions and comments relating to Hawaii and serve as a conduit between the episodes and traditional Hawaiian life,” comments Jeremy Bargiel, partner in Lake Place Productions LLC. Through this feature, families can become more involved in the series and chat with other viewers. A Twitter feed can also serve as a platform for potential family-friendly sponsors to let the public know about new services and products on a regular and updated basis.Rainbow Kids

The Lake Place Productions team consists of some impressively-experienced technology developers and content producers. Jim Langford oversees programming, graphics, and sound engineering. Jim is an expert in the field of spatial multi-dimensional mathematics, applied systems architecture, and software delivery. He partners on content and creative direction with Jeremy Bargiel, an experienced television writer and producer. Jeremy’s background includes working for the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network. On Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire, he scripted seventeen Lizzie McGuire episodes and he has been nominated for 2 Emmys. Rounding out the Lake Place Productions team is game designer David Nolte, who has worked for more than 20 years in the electronic game industry as a producer, designer and team manager, and was formerly with EA Mobile.

“Rainbow Kids has been in development for the last nine months,” notes Jeremy Bargiel. “We are working towards the end of our pre-production phase and hope to roll out the concept in the next few months. We envisage building a team of up to 15 people and a busy production studio, which will be a significant addition to the high tech and arts and entertainment sectors of Maui’s economy.”

To contact Jim Langford and his team at Lake Place Productions, LLC, please email jim@lakeplaceproductions.com

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