Health Technology

New trends in prevention and treatment options and increasingly sophisticated information technology are part of the changing face of today’s healthcare, and Maui is helping to set them.

A growing number of innovative start-ups that call Maui home are researching and developing the products of not only today’s medicine, but tomorrow’s as well — including nutraceutical dietary supplements, preventative and treatment products; medical support facilities offering teleradiology, to help radiologists meet growing demands and maintain a work-life balance; and telemedical information management and information technology services, to provide advanced and specialized medical care to patients in remote areas.

Healthcare practitioners can choose from a variety of employment options and enjoy the islands’ relaxed lifestyle, short commute time and recreation opportunities.With some of the nation’s most competitive hi technology tax incentives, Maui County is a strong candidate for health technology ventures.

Health Technology Businesses

Company Products / Services
Akimeka Telemedical information management and information technology services and solutions
CrossFiber Research and development in optical networking equipment for high-speed communications networks
Maui High Performance Computing Center One of the world’s top super-computing sites; services research, science and defense communities and provides expertise in image processing, data fusion, modeling and simulation
Oceanit Laboratories Scientific, engineering and research applications in aerospace, information technology and life sciences
Pacific Disaster Center Applied information research and analysis for disaster management and humanitarian assistance
Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) Scientific, engineering and technology applications in national security, energy and the environment, critical infrastructure and health

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